Very few things are as devastating to a family as having a member of your family suffering from addiction.  Addiction tears even the closest of families apart, it is not just the addict who is left suffering.  As heartbreaking as having an addict in the family is you are still left with some pretty tough decisions.

The decision to go to rehab or to send a family member to rehab is difficult and painful.  Serenity Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers have some of the best drug and alcohol recovery programs in the country.  We work to not only get the addict of drugs but to treat the underlying issues that led to addiction in the first place.

We have intensive in-patient and out-patient programs to help you put you life back together.  Once you finish rehab we don’t leave you to fight your addictions on your own, we provide ongoing support to help you for as long as you need.  If you or a family member has a problem, we are here to help.